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Who's Your Realtor?


You should know who your Realtor® is before you decide to allow them to help you with one of the largest financial transactions of your life.

Is your Realtor® a salaried employee of a Discount Broker who gets paid whether or not they provide exceptional customer service and are successful in helping you close a Real Estate transaction or, is your Realtor® an independent Business Owner who relies on customer service satisfaction and the successful closing of Real Estate transactions to maintain their Business?

Is your Realtor® a Real Estate Agent – not a Realtor® at all? The Realtor® designation is only afforded to Real Estate Agents who undergo regular Ethics training classes.

Is your Realtor® flexible with their work schedule and willing to work evenings and weekends to fit your schedule?

Does your Realtor® handle their own Real Estate transactions, customer service issues, property issues, etc., or do they pass on their work load to team members and assistants? Who answers the phone, who responds to emails & text messages? Who is making sure your Real Estate Transaction is moving forward to a successful completion?

Is your Realtor® local? Is their office located in your City or County? Do they know your neighborhood, City or County rules/regulations/issues/attributes, etc?

Does your Realtor® attend the local community Marketing Meetings which provides regular updates on market activity to all Realtors who attend?

Does your Realtor® contribute back into your community through volunteer services or donations?

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This isn't an "estimate" based on a formula a computer engineer wrote. It's a true valuation based on your unique home, it's characteristics and features, by a real agent who knows your neighborhood and area. The right information makes all the difference!

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In this very competitive market buyers need to differentiate themselves to get the home they want. Pre-qualify for a mortgage today to discover your purchasing power and get a step up against other consumers looking at the home you love.

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Get the newest listings first, from your local agent that knows all about the homes and the neighborhoods they are in. We'll send you the newest listings based on what you're looking for. No filler. Just the hottest listings that you'll be interested in.

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