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    The first step in any home buying adventure starts with securing the financing you will be using to purchase the property.  When your Realtor submits an offer for you on your target property the seller will expect to see written proof that you can close the deal. If you need to borrow the money to purchase the property then that form of proof is called a Pre-Approval Letter which is provided by the lender who you chose to do your loan. If you are purchasing with cash the form of proof is the financial statement showing your cash balance available.

    In a fast paced Real Estate Market Buyers do not have time to find a property they love and then secure the financing to conclude a purchase. Sellers are accustom to seeing proof of funds up front with Buyer offers and will most likely reject an offer that does not provide proof.

    Buyers who shop for homes without having their financing in place risk falling in love with a house just to see it get purchased by another Buyer who did have their financing in place and wrote an offer the same day they saw the home. If you are serious about buying a home get your financing in order first. Besides keeping you at the front of the pack, this process will help you:

    • Determine the price range you can afford – Your Realtor needs to know your Budget
    • Understand the types of loans and down payment assistance you might qualify for
    • Estimate your down payment and closing costs (your out-of-pocket expense)
    • Determine your monthly mortgage payment that may include your property taxes & insurance

    Step 2 is just as important as Step 1: Choosing a Realtor to represent you. Buyers can lose tens of thousands of dollars when represented by Realtors who are inexperienced and unknowledgeable. Your Realtor’s job is to support you in finding the right home with the best possible terms, and to assist you through the entire process from making an offer to closing escrow on your new home.

    Your Realtor should be:

    •   Knowledgeable about the communities of interest to you
    •   Aware of the complicated State and Local requirements that may affect your transaction
    •   Effective in multi-party, face-to-face negotiations
    •   Highly trained, with access to programs for continued learning and additional certifications
    •   Customer Oriented –Your needs must come first
    •   Resourceful enough to help you locate professionals to conduct inspections or make repairs
    •   Supported by professional legal counsel

    My Bachelor Degree in Social Services provides me a very strong foundation for my Real Estate Business and my years of experience, extended education and sincere desire to serve my client makes me an excellent candidate to help Buyers through a Real Estate transaction. Call me if you’re thinking of buying of home.

    See my Profile Page and Testimonials to learn more about me and how I conduct my Real Estate business.

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